Mind-Bending Fun for Curious Kids!

This is Stems- The flexible new construction toy for mind-bending 3D fun.

 18 Stem Wheel

18 Stem Wheel

With just one piece and endless possibilities Stems extends the boundaries of play, and is a fun and captivating way for children to develop Problem solving, Fine motor coordination, and 3D understanding.

It's weird, wobbly geometry can zip together to make just about anything- bouncing balls, rolling wheels or even things you can wear! 

Fascinating fun perfect for parents looking to foster playful curiosity, or teachers looking for an exciting hands-on way to explore 3D geometry.

Recommended for 5 and up (and with no upper age limit) , it’s safe for all ages, virtually unbreakable....and doesn't hurt if you stand on it!

Described by Edinburgh International Science Festival as-

“The most fascinating conversation your hands will ever have with your brain!”

-with a passion for STEM education it’s our mission to inspire curiosity.

If you're curious buy yours now!


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